Authentic Turkish

Dietary Options Menu

Authentic Turkish Cuisine. Our vast menu has something for everyone. Enjoy your journey through Turkey. Here is our vegetarian, vegan, gluten free menu.

We've annotated our menu,  

so you can make choices that work for you. 

Annotation Key:

Vg = Vegetarian
V = Vegan
GF - Gluten Free
VgOpt, VOpt, GFOpt = Has options that must be requested when ordering

Vegan Note:
Our Rice is a major component of our menu and we want to accommodate our Vegan and Non-Vegan guests.   
Currently, we have experimented with various Vegan butter alternatives and have not been pleased with the outcome.  We have now gone back to using 100% real butter in our Rice recipe. 
We are still experimenting with a few more alternatives and we are confident we will soon find one that accommodates all of our guests.  In the meantime, for dishes that are served with Rice, you may substitute French Fries or Side Salad.